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UK German Shepherd Rescue - Rescuing & Rehoming German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies throughout the UK

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Registered in England and Wales / Company Number 07664845 / Registered Charity Number 1160745
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Registered address : Penfoel, (New Quay Bird Hospital) Cross Inn. Llandysul. Dyfed. SA44 6NR.
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With your help we can help more dogs
Our dogs rely entirely on donations, your donations help UK German Shepherd Rescue continue its work in helping the abused, neglected and unwanted German shepherd dogs & puppies in the United Kingdom.

We'll come straight to the point: You can eliminate one or more animal's pain and suffering by a simple and modest donation.

Your personal contribution will help support our work.
Donate here:

Donations that work harder

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Please be patient when dealing with rescue, it may appear we are unorganised but a lot of work goes on behind the scenes that makes this rescue possible and is all done in our spare time.

Our rescue is made up of volunteers who donate their free time to helping rescue and rehoming unwanted German shepherd dogs and puppies throughout the UK. We also have families and other commitments such as work which pays our bills. On a daily basis we deal with cruelty and neglect cases and many times where a dog is at immediate risk of being put to sleep.

All we ask is for a little patience while waiting for us to respond to your messages.
We want to keep getting in touch simple
Ways to contact our rescue
Need to rehome your German Shepherd?
UK German Shepherd Rescue Ltd
Penfoel, (New Quay Bird Hospital)
Cross Inn. Llandysul.
SA44 6NR.
"Thank you for supporting our rescue"
Contact Us
We are sorry you need to rehome your German Shepherd but are pleased you chose to use our rescue to help find them a vetted, home checked and loving home.
What you need to do first
We need more information about your dog in order to rehome them to a suitable family. To do this you firstly need to complete our assessment form, even if you need the dog moving at short notice. Our rehoming coordinator will call you back and discuss our rehoming options with you in more detail.
Want to adopt your next German Shepherd?
Thank for rescuing one of our lovely German Shepherd dogs.
What you need to do first
We need more information about you, your family and the type of dog you are looking for. To do this you firstly need to complete our adoption form, even if you want to foster or already own a dog. Our rehoming coordinator will call you back and discuss our adoption with you in more detail.
Tel: 07767 768694
Tel: 01545 561443
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Contact us for more information about our merchandise.
Order enquires, accounts and delivery times.
Merchandise Volunteers
Tina and Patrick Costello deal with all aspects of running the merchandise for our rescue, speak to Tina and Patrick if you have any queries regarding your orders.
Paul Duxbury deals with the shop website and the merchandise paypal account.
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By Post
The only way to start your adoption process is to complete our adoption form, please DO NOT CALL THE RESCUE TO ADOPT or avoid completing our adoption form, you will only be advised to visit our adoption page and start again. Adoption forms are sent to three coordinators in our rescue to ensure a smooth speedy adoption, our screener who returns your call, our rehoming coordinator who will arrange your home check and our administration register, avoiding this form will simply delay or stop your adoption.
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