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UK German Shepherd Rescue - Rescuing & Rehoming German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies throughout the UK

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"We'll come straight to the point, donations saves lives,
You can eliminate one or more animal's pain
and suffering by a simple and modest donation".
Each dog in kennels costs  

£8 per night 
£56 per week
£240 per month
On average we have 17 dogs in kennels costing us £4080 per month
"Thank you for supporting our rescue"
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Make a one off donation
You are welcome to make a one off donation, every penny goes towards helping our German Shepherds already in or due into rescue care.

Your donation will be used to help cover Veterinary and Kennelling costs along with everyday
expenditures such a Spaying, Neutering and Microchipping.

This payment method excepts Paypal, Credit and Debit cards.
Use your cards without the need for registering your details.
Supported fundraising
Make a donation
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Make a monthly donation
Setting up a monthly subscription helps the rescue plan ahead, knowing they have a set amount
of funding for the coming months helps the rescue secure more kennel spaces and set aside
veterinary funding for the ever increasing sick dogs being put out on the streets.

Your donation will be used to help cover Veterinary and Kennelling costs along with everyday
expenditures such a Spaying, Neutering and Microchipping.

This payment method excepts Paypal, Credit and Debit cards.
Choose your donation amount
Gift aid it

See More About Gift Aid
Direct donations - 100% of your donation helps our dogs
Bank transfer is easy and the best way to donate to help our unwanted
dogs, your donation will appear directly in our rescue account ready to
be used and what's best is that it is 100% commission free meaning
every penny of your money will help our dogs.

Account details: Sort code 20-91-48 - Account No: 63840441
UK German Shepherd Rescue Ltd
Elswick Kennels,
Bonds Lane,
PR4 3ZE 
Make your cheque payable to the:

"UK German Shepherd Rescue Ltd"
Gift Donations for our dogs in care
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Your can donate gifts to support our dogs in both long term foster home and kennels care, required products are list on our Amazon Wishlist, simply buy that item and Amazon will send it straight to our dogs, thank you for your support.
Shopping online while supporting our rescue
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Shopping online on AmazonSmile is a way of triggering
donations for our dogs at no cost to you.
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Leaving and gift in your will
German Shepherds give so much unconditional devoted love to us throughout their lives, so why not leave a gift in your will to the UK German Shepherd Rescue it's a wonderful way for you to help an unwanted dog find that special person to love and will leave a legacy that will last beyond your own lifetime.
Recycling supports our rescue
You can now donate your clothes to support UK German Shepherd Rescue!
We are pleased to let you know that we have a brand new way for you to help us – by donating your good quality unwanted clothing! Thrift+ is a great online charity shop that allows people to donate their clothing and select which charity they would like to benefit from the sales. It’s free, easy and simple and means your unwanted items can be transformed into funds to help us continue our work, helping dogs in need.
We’d love to see people get involved and support us in this way so next time you declutter or clear out your wardrobes, remember to donate via Thrift+ and choose UK German Shepherd Rescue as your charity.
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You can recycle your old mobile phones and used ink cartridges to help raise much need funding for our rescue dogs

Simple follow this link below and learn more about recycling and working with our rescue.
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Donation events
Facebook Auction Group Payments
You can pay pay for your Facebook Group Auction purchases here.
Please ensure your PayPal payment matches your Facebook profile name or copy the payment ID number back to the Facebook post to show you have made payment.  
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