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Saturday 28th July 2019
A few words from Magz:

Iím planning a walk with my daughter her boyfriend and my nephew on Sunday 28th July from Trentham Stoke-on-Trent to Stafford 12.9 miles and back so approximately just over 24 miles. This will be a challenge for 3 of us as I am disabled due to nerve damage since beating oesophageal cancer my daughter Mandy has Brittle Asthma and my Nephew Simon has Brain cancer (he is currently having chemo treatment but wants to do this to help him in his recovery).

Due to myself not being able to walk long distances we will be making regular stops to rest and take pain relief plus a nice pint at the pubs (LOL), so it will take a lot longer to complete the walk. Also my rescue Rommie boy Manny who I adopted from Sadies will be doing the walk too along with Mandyís 2 cocker spaniels but only if the weather is cool. My girls Roxi and Zelda are both golden oldies about 10 and 12 years young, Roxi who I had from UK-GSR and my other girl Zelda (also a GS rescue) will be there to start us off but will then go home with their dad and meet us again at the finish. We will be starting off early morning and Mandyís boyfriend is joining us to help/support if needed.
UK-GSR is a great charity and we want to help to say thank you on behalf of all the past present and future dogs that you have helped and continue to help. Especially my girl Roxi who has Liver cancer and Arthritis she is a beautiful girl and we will make whatever time she has with us as happy as we can.

Thank you
 Magz Proctor's Sponsored Walk
Magz is supporting the UK German Shepherd Rescue dogs by taking part in a sponsored walk event.
Please help me support our dogs
UK German Shepherd Rescue
 Completed Event