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Jambo is a stunning 6 yr old neutered male, who is fully vaccinated and looking for a home due to a marriage break up.
Jambo is a very friendly boy, lovely and sociable with humans, and very good with visitors. He took treats very gently from our assessor, and was happy for her to fuss him all over.
Jambo is house trained, travels well, and is currently being left for upto 12 hours and doesnt chew or mess. He knows many commands, and is a very intelligent boy!
Jambo has been around children from babies upwards no problems. He is strong on the lead, so walks with a halti. His recall is ok , unless he gets a whiff of a cat. He really doesn't like cats, and seems to look out for them on walks.
Jambo does have a dog that stays at his home a few times a year, but doesn't like mixing with other dogs on walks, having said that, with a bit of time and patience, he obviously has the potential there to accept being around another dog.
Jambo does have hip dysplasia. This is currently controlled with hydrotherapy, supplements and short walks.
This lovely boy really deserves a home where he will potter around for the rest of his life.
Currently in Stortfold, Herts.
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This lovely little lady is 6 yr old Malinois cross Gsd, Honey.
Honey finds herself looking for a home as her owner could no longer care for her.
She is a sweetheart of a dog, who isnt happy being in kennels. She is spayed.
Honey is full of life, and so very eager to please.
She is fine with other dogs if introduced calmly, and she seems uninterested in the cats at the kennels.
This lovely girl is patiently waiting for a forever home in kennels in Kent.
Male - 6 years old - in Stortfold, Herts.
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Female - 6 years old - in kennels in Kent.
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Male - 6 years old - in kennels in Greenhithe, Kent.
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This beauty is 6 yr old lady, Echo. She is looking for a home as her owners have no time for her with a busy young family.
Cane came into rescue after spending all of his 6yrs in a hovel. He has been kept outside in a filthy, faeces & urine stained garage, with no bedding, no toys, and no affection.
Since being in our care Cane, who was called Callum, has been to the grooming parlour, as his coat was soaked in his own urine & faeces. He was very well behaved, and we think he secretly enjoyed the attention.
Cane is a really nice natured friendly dog, who even though he has been treated badly by humans, still loves them, and still craves human attention.
Cane is strong on the lead, but soon corrected, and his recall is good. He travels really well in the car. A little stressed, but then he had never been in a car before.
Cane hasnt mixed with other dogs previously, so does bark at others, but its not aggression, more interest.
This handsome boy now deserves a home of his own, where he will allowed to enjoy the comforts of a home life.
Currently in kennels in Greenhithe, Kent.
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Male - 13 months old - in Lancashire
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This big, handsome boy is 13 mth old Shadow, who had only been with his owner for a couple of months, and was too strong & bouncy for them, and their young children.
Shadow is vaccinated and microchipped, but not yet neutered, this will need to be done as part of our adoption agreement.
Shadow was living with 2 springer spaniels, and loved being with them, he adores playing with other dogs on walks. He will bark excitedly if he is on the lead, but its only so he can go and play.
Unknown how Shadow is with cats.
As Shadow is young, big & lively we will only rehome him with older children.
Shadow didnt chew or mess when left with other dogs, but not known how he would be left completely alone for any period of time. He travels well in the car, with no sickness.
Shadow is a little wary of busy traffic, but otherwise really well behaved on walks- apart from being very strong on the lead. He would benefit from training classes. His recall is good- especially if there is a ball involved and a game of fetch!
This friendly affectionate boy is currently waiting for his forever home in kennels in Preston. He will not wait long for his forever home!
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Male - 8 years old - in Bristol
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Dogs dont come any more gorgeous inside and out than 8yr old Barney, who needs a new home as his owners partner is allergic, meaning Barney is currently staying with family, but this is a very short term temporary measure.
Barney did have to have his right eye removed in 2013, due to a tumour, no further tumours were detected, and he is in reasonable health now.
Barney is neutered and vaccinations are upto date.
He hasnt lived with another dog, but is fine with visiting dogs, and mixes well with them out on walks.
Barney lives with a baby currently, and is quite gentle around him, but due to his sight restriction would be better with older children only.
Barney doesnt like cats, and doesnt like horses!
He sniffs visitors all over, to check them out, gets excited to see them, then settles down to do his own thing. He is housetrained and will stand barking at the door to be let out.
Barney is fine in the car on short journeys, but will get travel sick on longer ones.
He knows some commands, and is eager to please.
Barney has a happy, loveable character and he is just a wonderful dog for any home!
Currently in Bristol.
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