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German Shepherd Rescue - Rescuing & Rehoming German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies throughout the UK

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This very handsome boy is 4 yr old Zion, who needs a new home due to a change in owners circumstances.
Zion is not neutered, but is upto date with vaccinations and microchipped.
Zion is fine with children, we will only rehome him with children over 7yrs old.
Zion has never lived with cats, so not known how he is around them .
Zion is housetrained, and is fine to be left without chewing or messing. He travels well in the car.
Zion knows several commands, walks really nicely on the lead , & his recall is good.
Zion is ok with most other dogs, as long as they arent reactive. He likes the neighbours staffy, and would benefit from a calm, friendly female to live with .
Zion has been diagnosed with EPI, but this is under control with medication, and doesnt affect his quality of life at all.
Zion adores people and loves any affection. He is not getting as much attention and exercise as he needs, so is a little frustrated at the moment.
This lovely boy is currently in Leicester.
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Beau is a pretty 2 yr old girl who needs a new home as her owners no longer have the time she needs.
Beau is spayed and microchipped, and vaccinated.
She is fine with children 3yrs upwards, having always lived with them , but she is quite bouncy and excitable and does tend to knock little ones over.
Beau does chase cats, so a feline free home please.
Beau has never lived with another dog. She is quite bouncy and full on meeting other dogs, but no malice, just eager to meet. She will ignore dogs if she has a toy in her mouth, and off lead will walk past them if told to. With a confident owner she would happily mix playfully with other dogs given the opportunity. She is strong on the lead at first with excitement and eager to get to the park, but does settle. Her recall is good, with a soft whistle, needs more work when there are any distractions. Beau does love to swim, so a stock of dog towels important!
Beau did attend puppy classes, but hasn't had any further training since then, and she is a high energy intelligent girl, so would excel at any form of obedience or agility classes. She has a lot of untapped potential, crying out to be used.
Beau barked when our assessor knocked on the door, but immediately greeted him in a very friendly happy manner, with lots of kisses, wagging tail and gently trying to climb up him to love him! She greets all visitors in the same happy, friendly way.
Beau is housetrained, travels well in the car, and is fine to be left for a few hours without chewing ,messing or howling. She sleeps downstairs in the kitchen with no issues.
This very friendly, high energy , intelligent girl would be a wonderful addition to any active family home.
Currently in West Cornforth, Co.Durham.
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This beautiful girl is 3yr old Matilda, who desperately needs a very special home.
Matilda is spayed, microchipped and her booster is due soon.
Matilda was rescued from a puppy farm as a young puppy, scared, thin, in an awful mess. Sadly the organisation that took her spayed her at 6mths old, instilling the scared puppy into her. So Matilda really needs a home who can help her to overcome this bad start in life.
Matilda is just scared of the world around her. She jumps and hides at any noise. She lives with another dog, and follows her around everywhere, but if she meets a new dog outside she is so scared she barks & tried to run away. Once she knows the dog, she is fine, and comfortable around them.
When our assessor arrived Matilda was hiding upstairs,. she was brought into the room,. and the door closed- as she would have run back upstairs given the chance. She shows no aggression whatsoever, but kept her distance from him, just watching from her comfy distance.
Although Matilda is terrified of things, she isnt frantic or manic in her reaction, just very timid. This is workable with, but will obviously take time, patience and the right owner, and the right environment.
Hugging, cuddling & giving her lots of attention when she is acting nervously, will only reinforce her behaviour. She needs calm, confident, & consistent.
Matilda does get travel sick, again manageable. She is housetrained, and doesnt chew when left. She has always had other dogs as company, and we will not rehome Matilda as an only dog, she needs other dogs around her for confidence & security.
When on walks, Matilda wears a halti and a harness, as if she is scared she will try her hardest to wriggle away from owner and run. Again, this is something that can be worked on, and after only half an hour walk with our assessor, Matilda was already showing signs of improvement, and relaxing a little.
This girl needs a special forever home who will commit to her through thick & thin, & not give up on her on the bad days, of which there will be many. She may take months, if not years to overcome her nervousness, but she has so much love inside her to give her owner, she deserves the very best that life can offer her.

Matilda is currently in Blackpool, Lancashire.
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