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This exceedingly handsome chap is Bruce who is approximately 3 yrs old and has been abandoned at kennels.
Bruce is neutered, and vaccinated.
Not alot is known about Bruce, so we wont place him with children at all. He is much better with ladies, and can be slightly reactive and nip men if they enter his comfort zone.
Bruce chases cats, so a feline free home please.
Bruce is vocal with other dogs in kennels, but not known how he is with them off lead.
He is clean in his kennel and loves playing in the paddock with his ball- although not keen on giving the ball back!
Although wary of strangers, Bruce bonds well with someone he trusts, and is an absolute sweetheart for them then.
Currently in kennels in Northallerton, North Yorkshire.
Male - 3 years old - in Northallerton, North Yorkshire
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Male - 13 months old - in Lancashire
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This big, handsome boy is 13 mth old Shadow, who had only been with his owner for a couple of months, and was too strong & bouncy for them, and their young children.
Shadow is vaccinated and microchipped, but not yet neutered, this will need to be done as part of our adoption agreement.
Shadow was living with 2 springer spaniels, and loved being with them, he adores playing with other dogs on walks. He will bark excitedly if he is on the lead, but its only so he can go and play.
Unknown how Shadow is with cats.
As Shadow is young, big & lively we will only rehome him with older children.
Shadow didnt chew or mess when left with other dogs, but not known how he would be left completely alone for any period of time. He travels well in the car, with no sickness.
Shadow is a little wary of busy traffic, but otherwise really well behaved on walks- apart from being very strong on the lead. He would benefit from training classes. His recall is good- especially if there is a ball involved and a game of fetch!
This friendly affectionate boy is currently waiting for his forever home in kennels in Preston. He will not wait long for his forever home!
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Bruce for adoption
Since 21/04/2014
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Male - 9 years old - in Yorkshire.
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This handsome chap is 9yr old Alfie, who needs a new home due to his owners ill health.
Alfie has always been a much loved boy, and this is a very sad rehome.
Alfie is neutered, vaccinated , microchipped and upto date with all flea & worming treatments. He is in good condition, and enjoys regular trips to the grooming parlour.
Alfie has never lived with children, but seems ok with them on walks, we will only rehome with older children if any.
Alfie has never lived with cats, but ignores them when on walks, so could possibly live with a dog savvy cat.
Alfie has lived with another dog, & occasionally stays with a relative who has other dogs without any problems at all. He is very sociable with other dogs of all sizes on walks.
Alfie has been well trained by his owner, and knows most commands, as well as being taught to bark when the smoke alarm goes off, and rattle keys in the door if he needs to go out. He walks really nicely on the lead, and his recall is excellent.
Alfie hasn't travelled in a car much, and will bark a bit, but settles once the journey underway.
He is house-trained, fine to be left for a while without chewing or messing, and sleeps wherever he likes in the house.
He is cautious on first meeting strangers, but once sniffed and sussed them out he relaxes & takes treats very gently.
Alfie has no food aggression but he is possessive over his toys.
This wonderful boy has so much love to give the right home.

Currently in Morley, Yorkshire.
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Male - 9 years old - in Yorkshire.
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On Behalf od the RSPCA Cairo came into the centre though an RSPCA inspector due to his owner not looking after him. When he arrived he was very thin and had an ear infection, he was also suffering from a very painful back so he is now on long term medication. He is 11 years old but still loves his exercise and running around chasing after balls. He would love a retirement home with older children and no other animals.
Link to the RSCPA Hull
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