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This very pretty lady is 7 yr old Inca, who has only been in her current home since March. Inca is now looking for another home, as her current owner can no longer meet her needs.
Inca has not been spayed, and is not upto date with vaccinations.
She is a lovely friendly girl with all people, greeting our assessor with a wagging tail and in a calm happy manner.
Inca is fine with children of all ages, but as we havent witnessed her around little ones, we will only rehome with older children.
Inca lives with cats, and is fine with.
Inca does bark alot at other dogs when she is out on walks, so needs some work on this. She travels well in the car, but does react if she sees a dog through the window.
With some training, and work on her socialisation, she should be able to overcome this issue.
Inca sleeps in her bed downstairs, and is ok to be left for short periods.
She needs lead training as she walks very badly on the lead, and her current owner said she has good recall.
Inca does react to traffic/ joggers/ cyclists outside on walks, but our assessor found her very responsive when she walked her, and this could be worked on .
With some time & training Inca would relax into her own skin and enjoy being a dog.
Currently in Harwich, Essex.
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Cola is a very pretty 3 yr old girl, who needs a forever home as her owner has had to move into accomodation where dogs arent allowed. She is a much loved dog, and devoted to her owner, so this is a sad but necessary rehome.
Cola is not spayed, but is microchipped and has had some vaccinations in her life, but not upto date with boosters.
Cola is fine with other dogs, she has lived with a small terrier. Out on walks she totally ignores other dogs, or will sit and watch them pass by. She really is a well behaved girl.
Cola hasnt lived with a cat as far as owner is aware, and will chase them if she sees them outside.
She is housetrained, fine to be left, and sleeps on the sofa downstairs. Cola travels well in the car & has no toy or food possession issues.
Cola is a shy girl, who would rather come to you in her own good time, than the issue be forced. She barked nervously at our assessor, but came to him after ten minutes, and treats were offered. She simply needs some confidence building, she shows no aggression, just shyness.
Cola looks to her owner alot for reassurance, so we need a confident experienced owner for her.
Cola walks really nicely on the lead, and her recall is solid.

This lovely little lady is in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.
Female 3 years old - Currently in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.
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This stunning boy is 2yr old Khan, who needs a new home as his owners poor health means she cannot give him what he needs.
Khan is entire, but is microchipped and fully vaccinated.
Khan is fine with older children over 7yrs of age, he isnt used to being around little ones.
Khan lives with a cat without issue. He currently lives with a terrier bitch, and they get along well together. However when Khan is walked he is quite boisterous, and has no doggy manners, so when he has previously bounded upto a dog to say hello, it ended in a scuffle. He walked past other dogs on his walk with our assessor, and showed no reaction other than wanting to get nearer to say hello.
Khan will react towards traffic when his owner walks him, but showed no interest at all when our assessor did, so he is picking up on his owners lack of confidence with him.
Khan is walked on a halti, and is quite strong, but responded really well to corrections on a half check. Recall wasnt tested.
Khan is timid with strangers, and it took a little while before he would approach our assessor for a treat. He took it, and disappeared. He needs a calm, confident owner to bring him out of his shell.
Khan is housetrained, sleeps downstairs in the dining room, and is ok to be left for short periods, but will shred the post when the postman delivers!
This boy has a few rough edges that need polishing up & he will be a cracking dog. He has masses of potential for the right owner prepared to invest some time & training into him.
Currently in Newton Aycliffe, Durham.
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Khan for adoption
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This absolute hunk is 7 year-old Zeus, who sadly needs to be rehomed as the family's youngest child is severely allergic to him. He has been a much-loved member of the family, and that is reflected in his lovely, calm nature.

Zeus is still entire, and will therefore be subject to a neutering contract. He is up-to-date with his vaccinations though, he is microchipped and owns a passport!

Although Zeus has not lived with another dog, he is generally good with them, and did not react to meeting another one during his assessment. He will tell another dog off though if they have a pop at him, so careful introductions are advisable.

During his assessment, Zeus walked beautifully on a lead, sat at the kerb and then waited for instructions. Although his previous family is Polish, he does know basic English commands. He was fantastic off-lead and his recall is good.

Zeus has lived with four cats, and has been fine with them. However, he will chase cats that are not a part of the family, so time and patience will be needed if introducing him to a new feline family member.

Zeus has previously lived with two young children (2 years and under), and was seen to be very gentle with them during his assessment.

Zeus will initially bark when someone comes to the door, but soon toddles over to have a sniff and then wanders off! He is fine to be left alone for a few hours, and has never been destructive. He loves to travel in the car, preferring to sit in the boot.

Zeus is a gorgeous boy, both inside and outside, and he will happily slot into an active or older home quite easily.

Zeus is currently in Welling, Kent.
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This handsome young man is 18mth old Wolfie, who was a stray in a small village in Romania, where locals kept him well fed. Some very kind locals clubbed together to raise funds to send him to the UK, and Mr Wolf is now in our care, looking for a home.

Wolf is vaccinated and microchipped, but not yet neutered.
He is perfectly housetrained, travels very well in the car, and is ok to be left, he doesnt chew or howl..
Wolf is not cat friendly.
Wolf is great with other dogs, happy to meet strange ones on walks, and is in foster care with several others where he has learnt how to play like a puppy. He adores soft cuddly toys, doesnt shred them, just throws them around!
Wolf is quite possessive over food with other dogs, but not with humans. He is the same with toys, but as he has most likely never had any, it isnt surprising really.
Wolf walks really nicely on a normal lead, & loves meeting new people. His recall has not been tested.
He has so much love to give, he adores attention of any sort, and can even dance ! He does a funny crazy dance when you are dishing up his meals!
We will only rehome Wolf with children over 7yrs of age.
This adorable, cheeky young man is currently in foster care in Warrington, Cheshire.
uk-gsr_rescue017004.jpg uk-gsr_rescue016004.gif
Mr Wolf
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