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German Shepherd Rescue - Rescuing & Rehoming German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies throughout the UK

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This very handsome boy is 4 yr old Zion, who needs a new home due to a change in owners circumstances.
Zion is not neutered, but is upto date with vaccinations and microchipped.
Zion is fine with children, we will only rehome him with children over 7yrs old.
Zion has never lived with cats, so not known how he is around them .
Zion is housetrained, and is fine to be left without chewing or messing. He travels well in the car.
Zion knows several commands, walks really nicely on the lead , & his recall is good.
Zion is ok with most other dogs, as long as they arent reactive. He likes the neighbours staffy, and would benefit from a calm, friendly female to live with .
Zion has been diagnosed with EPI, but this is under control with medication, and doesnt affect his quality of life at all.
Zion adores people and loves any affection. He is not getting as much attention and exercise as he needs, so is a little frustrated at the moment.
This lovely boy is currently in Leicester.
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This very pretty lady is 7 yr old Inca, who has only been in her current home since March. Inca is now looking for another home, as her current owner can no longer meet her needs.
Inca has not been spayed, and is not upto date with vaccinations.
She is a lovely friendly girl with all people, greeting our assessor with a wagging tail and in a calm happy manner.
Inca is fine with children of all ages, but as we havent witnessed her around little ones, we will only rehome with older children.
Inca lives with cats, and is fine with.
Inca does bark alot at other dogs when she is out on walks, so needs some work on this. She travels well in the car, but does react if she sees a dog through the window.
With some training, and work on her socialisation, she should be able to overcome this issue.
Inca sleeps in her bed downstairs, and is ok to be left for short periods.
She needs lead training as she walks very badly on the lead, and her current owner said she has good recall.
Inca does react to traffic/ joggers/ cyclists outside on walks, but our assessor found her very responsive when she walked her, and this could be worked on .
With some time & training Inca would relax into her own skin and enjoy being a dog.
Currently in Harwich, Essex.
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This wonderful boy is 8 yr old Max, who urgently needs a forever home as his owners new baby is allergic to him.
Max has been a much loved boy, and this shows in his temperament.
He is vaccinated , microchipped and has been neutered.
Max is housetrained, and sleeps downstairs either on the sofa or in his crate with the door open. He has a snuggle blanket he chews whilst going to sleep, almost like a comfort blanket.
Max was living with a gsd bitch until recently., and is fine with other dogs. He couldnt live with a male dog. Max is lead reactive and will bark and lunge at other dogs on walks. He needs a strong, calm owner to work through this.
Max loves travelling in the car or van, and loves having a bath!
He walks nicely on a halti, and ignores passing dogs. He has average recall off lead. He totally ignores cats on walks, so may be able to live with a dog savvy cat.
Max hasnt lived with children, but has always been fine with visiting nieces and nephews from babies upwards, but we would prefer a home with older children if any at Max's time of life.
Max loves visitors, gets excited and jumps up to greet them. He knows several commands, and is generally a great all round boy.
This wonderful dog would fit in to most homes!

Currently in kennels near Preston.
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