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This handsome young man is 15 mth old Titan, who needs a new home as his current owner can no longer give him what he needs.
Titan is neutered, microchipped and his vaccinations are up to date.
He is a stunning dog, who is fine with children, but still quite a bouncy young dog, so older children only please.
Titan lives with another German Shepherd, and is great with other dogs, he does tend to stand over little dogs, so new owner needs to be aware.
Not known how Titan is with cats.
Titan is housetrained, and is also crate trained as he will chew as he is being left very long hours. He sleeps in his crate in the kitchen.
Titan barks at visitors at first, but only to say hello, and then he wanders off to find something more interesting!
Titan is strong on the lead, and his recall is not good. With some training he will be a cracking dog for any home.
A lovely lad who just needs more than current owners can give him.
In Chatham, Kent.
Male - 15 months old - in Chatham, Kent.
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Male - 4 years old - in Leicester
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This very handsome boy is 4 yr old Zion, who needs a new home due to a change in owners circumstances.
Zion is not neutered, but is upto date with vaccinations and microchipped.
Zion is fine with children, we will only rehome him with children over 7yrs old.
Zion has never lived with cats, so not known how he is around them .
Zion is housetrained, and is fine to be left without chewing or messing. He travels well in the car.
Zion knows several commands, walks really nicely on the lead , & his recall is good.
Zion is ok with most other dogs, as long as they arent reactive. He likes the neighbours staffy, and would benefit from a calm, friendly female to live with .
Zion has been diagnosed with EPI, but this is under control with medication, and doesnt affect his quality of life at all.
Zion adores people and loves any affection. He is not getting as much attention and exercise as he needs, so is a little frustrated at the moment.
This lovely boy is currently in Leicester.
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Male - 9 years old - in Yorkshire.
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On Behalf od the RSPCA Cairo came into the centre though an RSPCA inspector due to his owner not looking after him. When he arrived he was very thin and had an ear infection, he was also suffering from a very painful back so he is now on long term medication. He is 11 years old but still loves his exercise and running around chasing after balls. He would love a retirement home with older children and no other animals.
Link to the RSCPA Hull
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Female 17 months old - In Brackely, Northants.
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This pretty lady is 17mth old Layla, who needs a new home due to a relationship breakdown, meaning Layla is left for very long periods.
Layla is vaccinated, and microchipped but not yet spayed.
She initially barks at the door, but is friendly with visitors. She takes treats very gently. Layla knows most commands, and is eager to please and learn more.
She loves toys, and loves to play. She has mixed with lots of other dogs no problems. Not known how she is with cats.
Layla walks with a head collar and short lead, and her recall is good. She doesnt react to traffic or joggers. She is a very enthusiastic girl, so keen to learn from you.
Layla is fine with older children.
Sleeps in the lounge no problems, and is housetrained. She is ok travelling in the car too.
This lovely girl is currently in Brackely, Northants.
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Pippa is a lovely natured girl who needs a forever home due to a marriage breakdown, meaning Pippa's owner has to move to smaller accommodation and cannot take her with her.
Pippa is a much loved girl, and this is a sad rehome.
Pippa is not spayed- her last season was Nov '13, so due again soon, she will need to be spayed 3mths after next season, as part of our Adoption contract.
Pippa is microchipped and her vaccinations are up to date.
Pippa is a lovely friendly girl, who greets strangers like long lost friends, with a wagging tail, and lots of kisses. She takes treats very gently, and is just a delightful girl in so many ways.
Pippa has never been around cats, so not known how she would react.
Pippa is very sociable with other dogs, and would be able to live with another.
She lives with children and is great with them, but she is a bit bouncy and clumsy sometimes so would accidentally knock little ones over, so older children only please.
Pippa is housetrained, and sleeps downstairs in the kitchen no problems. She is currently being left quite long periods, and doesn't chew, but isn't happy.
According to her owner she pulls a little on the lead, and her recall is ok. ( Not tested by assessor. )
This adorable girl is patiently waiting for her forever home, and is in Brighouse, Yorkshire.
Female, 5 years old, in Brighouse, Yorkshire.
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