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Woo came to our attention on Sunday 4th March 2019 as a report neglect case, the rescue offered to take Woo Woo into care to start immediate vetinary care.
So Woo Woo was collect from Thornton-Cleveleys in Lancashire and transported to our HQ kennels at Elswick.
After meeting and greeting all the staff Woo Woo was settled in her kennel while preparation were made for her veterinary appointment first thing Monday morning.
What we know about "Woo Woo"
Woo Woo is an 11 year old female German Shepherd
She is a retired military drug detection dog who retired to her handler sometime before 2016, two years ago her handler/former owner could no longer keep Woo Woo so she found a new owner and this is where all our neglect started.
In the last two years Woo Woo has never been for walk, never seen a vet or had any form of treatment for her skin ears or age related illnesses. The family couple both watched Woo Woo conditions worsen over the two years they owned her and did nothing, it took a kind person who was upset at seeing Woo Woo's condition worsen over time to report Woo Woo to us at the UK German Shepherd Rescue.
On Sunday 4th March Woo Woo was signed over to our rescue.
Supporting Woo Woo
Who is Woo Woo ?
Woo Woo ijust arrived
This page will follow Woo Woo and hopefully her road to recovery
Monday 4th March 2019
The vets have admitted Woowoo and are sedating her this morning. Shes a mess. Not only does she have muscle wastage ,demodectic mange, fleas, skin infection , infected skin warts , hip problems- she has chronic ear problems causing her to lose her balance .
Shes so distressed she had to be muzzled

Update from vets
Not good news Im afraid- she has demodectic mange, skin infection, chronic ear infection etc etc but the most worrying is a large tumour in her mouth . Biopsy done & we wait for the results - vet did say it looks bad.
Woowoo really needs your prayers right now.
Shes had a medicated bath, ear treatments, nails clipped and most of the open sores have had the fur clipped away.

She was an angel the vet said

Vet bill so far 478.34
Wednesday 6th March 2019
Woowoo much brighter today ! Her character really coming out ! Shes eating really well , being very good while we treat her skin with lotions & potions, and an all round sweetheart of a dog!

Thankyou to all who have donated to her veterinary care - its worth every penny just to see her so much more comfortable.

No results back yet from biopsy, likely to be midweek next week.
While your waiting for our next update why not make a donation towards Woo Woo's care.

Simply use the donation buttons on this page and your donation will go directly to help Woo Woo.

Woo Woo's care cost todate:
04/03/2019 Vet bill 478.34

Thank you to all who have donated towards Woo Woo's veterinary costs, we have raised 465 which really does help.
Thursday 15th March 2019
Our beautiful girl has the best news ! The tumour in her mouth is benign! No further action needed!
Her skin is much improved & her back end is strengthening up with gentle exercise.

We need a pet free/ older children only foster for her who will keep up with her weekly medicated baths & love her for the rest of her days.
All vet treatment covered by the rescue.
Learn more about fostering here