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Inca is another boy who came over from Romania back in 2014, to find a better life. 
Inca was rehomed successfully as a puppy - but by the age of 4 years he had developed
some fear aggression issues around people and other dogs.  Inca went into a foster home,
but his issues were too deep rooted for them to be able to handle him.  So Inca came into
Elswick Kennels in January 2019.

From the moment he arrived it was clear Inca was one of the most complex dogs we have
ever had here who needed very careful handling or he goes into a panic. 
Inca is a very sensitive soul who does not cope at all well with any changes. For example he
will go into a complete meltdown if you walk him on a different lead to normal, or if you try to
walk a different route to normal. If he cannot toilet in his usual spot he will also panic and not
go at all. 

He really doesn't like being touched at all, but will let you stroke him without aggression - he
just freezes in panic mode. 

Inca is a quirky boy who is very set in his ways. He will not show any playfulness if you are
around - but does have favourite toys that he will play with and destroy when on his own. His
favourite toys are made of suede & rope - he is not happy if anything squeaks!

Inca is a fussy eater too, only eating raw minces - beef and tripe his favourite - or tinned
stewed steak, or any sardines/mackerel etc.  He is also fussy with treats but Dentastix are a

Inca will spend the rest of days as a sanctuary dog - he could not cope with any other life
now. It's very upsetting to think he was once a young innocent pup with the world at his

Inca is also an older boy, so on joint supplements, but he picks tablets out of anything at all
so his supplements are powders which we mix in. Believe me we have tried to fool him a few
times with tablet form and he always wins the battle! 

Thankyou for reading Inca's story.

Key Facts!


  • Year arrived in rescue - 2014
  • Current age - 8 years old
  • Birthday - 15th November
  • Sex - Male
  • Favourite thing - Sardines
  • Favourite treat - Dentastix

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  • Ongoing Treatments - Joint Supplements

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Favourite Treat

Graal Tinned Mackerel Fillets in Tomato Sauce 170g (Pack of 15) - Source of Omega 3 - Ready to Eat - Fish - Multipack

Favourite  Toy

Green & Wild Desmond Duck Eco Dog Toy Jute & Suede

Joint Supplements 

JOINTSURE Glucosamine and Chondroitin Powder Supplement for Dogs - Prevents Joint Stiffness & Aids Joint Relief - 300g Pack