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Sanctuary Dogs

Dogs that live full time in our kennels

About Our Sanctuary Dogs

We have a number of sanctuary dogs that will be in our care for a very long time or will live out
the rest of their lives in our care, because for various reasons they are not rehomable - or need a
very, very specific, experienced home.

They may be in the background away from the public - but they are very much in our lives every day.
We make their lives as fulfilled, comfortable and happy as we possibly can - but always have hope
that one day that perfect home comes up.

We tailor their kennel room and routine to suit them - who are we trying to kid - THEY have trained
us to look after them their way!

We always need food, toys and treats, and support for their ongoing flea and worming treatments,
vaccinations and any specific veterinary care that they might need e.g. Metacam or YuMOVE joint supplements.

Please carry on reading to see how you can send them a gift or how you can become a special friend
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Blind Billy 

Blind Billy is a 10 year old boy, who originally came over to the UK from Romania back in winter 2019. After being rehomed twice and having a foster home too - it became clear Billy was really not settling into home life - So we took Billy into Elswick Kennels in April 2021 and this is where he stays.

Click on his image to learn more about Billy, see how you can help him.

Blind Billy


Buster is a Lab cross GSD who came into rescue only a year old. He was a bit of a stroppy teenager but had no real known vices at that time. Buster was rehomed to a couple back in 2018 and all seemed to be going well for a while.

Click on his image to learn more about Buster, see how you can help him.



When a rescuer in Romania sent Suzanne a picture of Millie back in early 2020, asking if we could help, the answer was of course an instant yes!
Millie was in a kill shelter, with no chance of freedom - until UK-GSR offered her a lifeline and in April 2020 she arrived with us at Elswick Kennels.

Click on her image to learn more about Millie, see how you can help her.


Dexter (sadly passed away)

Dexter came into rescue back in 2013 and was rehomed to a family aged 18 months old. He came back into rescue and was with us for 7 years before he passed to Rainbow Bridge in July 2023.  Dexter was such a big part of our family that he will remain on our website as our tribute to him.

Click on his image to learn more about Dexter's story.



Inca is another boy who came over from Romania back in 2014, to find a better life, but sadly came back into rescue back in January 2019. Inca is one of the most complex dogs we have ever had here who needs very careful handling or he goes into a panic.

Click on his image to learn more about Inca, see how you can help him.



Layla is a 5 yr old German Shepherd cross, who arrived here from a kill shelter in Romania, back in October 2021.
Layla was scared of humans in the shelter, after being catchpoled into a truck and then into a pen. She was picked on by the bigger dogs in the shelter, so a kind rescuer asked us to take her.
When Layla arrived here she was so scared she hid in the corner of her kennel facing the wall for weeks. She would only eat & drink during the night when we weren't about. 

Click on his image to learn more about Layla, see how you can help her.


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