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We have German shepherds waiting for homes right now.

All our dogs will make excellent family pets
We use kennels as a last choice so we are always looking for those special people who are able to foster a dog, whilst we are looking for a forever home.
We can't rescue and rehome German Shepherds without your help.
Our dogs rely entirely on donations, your donations help our rescue continue its work in helping neglected & unwanted German shepherd dogs & puppies here in the United Kingdom.
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last updated 14/12/2014
Thank you for visiting our rescue website and hope you enjoy your experience while here. We the UK-GSR are a specialist German Shepherd rescue or Alsatian if you are little older. We are also a UK national volunteer based rescue with over 400 country wide members covering all regions of the United Kingdom. If you are not already familiar with rescues you are welcome to use the tabs below to learn more about us, our rescue and how we do things a little different than other rescues.
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UK German Shepherd Rescue - Rescuing & Rehoming German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies throughout the UK

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Boxing day kennel walk & In-store events throughout December
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Lean more about our dogs, like where they come from and how we home check potential adoptee's. Get an insight in to how our rescue is financially supported and how we spend your donations. All our volunteers have a passionate about the German Shepherd breed and are always happy to share their wealth of information if required.

Thank again for visiting our rescue, hope you enjoy your visit.
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Events & Shows for December 2014
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Make the most of what you have now, an inspiring video by HACKACHINO
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Welcome to Happy Dumping Season
Traditionally December is the month our rescue see's a huge increase of older mature dogs coming into rescue care as homes replace their old loyal dogs with shinny new puppies.

It's a tradition that isn't going to change anytime soon. So all we ask is for you to STOP and THINK what will happen to them.

Why not ask a rescue to help, a rescue like the UK-GSR will not judge or ridicule you, we just want what's best for your dog and to help keep them safe and off the "Free to Good Homes" free adds.

Please never be embarrassed or ashamed to ask her rescue help, we are passionate about our German Shepherds.
Out with the Old - In with the New

Keep your dogs safe - they are worth more than you think

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"An organisation dedicated to the welfare of the German shepherd breed. We use our vast knowledge and experience to rescue unwanted and needy German shepherd dogs and German shepherd puppies and rehome them to only the best homes throughout the UK."

Learn more about giving your dog away for FREE
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